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Your privacy is extremely important to us:

  • Your data belongs 100% you.
  • We don’t pass, sell or rent your data to others.
  • You have full control of your data. You decide who will have access to your address data or not.
  • All data is encrypted, during the transmissions between Internet servers and any other devices.
  • If you decide to cancel your account your profile and your personal address book data will be deleted from all our servers. We don’t keep any records once you decide to leave us

Kylook is a German company and is in full compliance with all German legal requirements. Which, in our opinion is one of the most rigorous and controlled in the world; always protecting the end-users

...And because the security of your data is extremely important

Restore deleted contacs

Your address book is always safe with our Automatic Backups

Delete a contact by mistake? Lost your mobile phone? Kylook automatically backsup your contacts so you never have to loose a contact again. Any deleted contacts can be restored and synced to all your devices. See more here

And we have a backup of the backup

We know how important the personal data in an address book can be, so all our data is stored in two redundant serves which are geographically separated from each other for your security. See more here

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