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The Online Address Book Mobile phone app


The online address book that allows you to manage your contacts anywhere online with your PC, Tablet or Mobile phone.

You can also synchronize your address book with most major email accounts (yahoo, gmail... etc.) and have your contacts up-to-date everywhere you are.

Kylook is the easy to use application that you won't be able to live without.

Address Book Organized

Online Address Book

Kylook is a easy and powerful online address book available online. With a simple interface, managing your contacts is extremely easy.

Import your contacts


Your unique identity within Kylook. Kcode serve as an access key to your Business Card. You can set up private Kcodes so that only those you authorize can view your personal contact details, or you can set up public Kcodes.

You choose who can have access to which information. There is no limit to the number of Kcodes you can create (ej, business, personal, private etc). There has never been an easier way to share your contact details. Learn more by

See Kcode video
Contact into your address book

Your address book always organized with no duplications

Being organized has never been so easy, Kylook will automatically merge any duplications and if any conflicts are found, Kylook will always ask you how you´d like to organize those contacts.

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Importing your contacts

If you have any contacts stored on a Vcard or CSV-format they too can be imported into your Kylook address book.

Our duplication function will also allow for any duplicates to be eradicated in one easy step.

Its never been easier to have all your contacts in one place.

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Kylook and QR Codes

Scan the QR Code of any contact and Kylook will automatically save all their contact details into your address book.

Learn more about QR Codes here.

essential mobile phone app

Kylook - the essential mobile phone App

From the comfort of your mobile phone, the Kylook App allows you to:

  • Search, manage and sync your address book
  • Generate and display selected QR codes
  • Save QR codes to your address book
  • Manage all privacy and control settings

kylook is now available to download from all respective App stores and Markets (Android Market, Apple App Store etc)

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Kylook, one and only

The Kylook App will have the same and look feel across all mobile phone devices. If you change your mobile phone, Kylook will always remain the same.

All you´ll have to do is download the app onto your new mobile phone, enter your username and password and your address book will be safely restored to your new mobile phone

essential mobile phone app

Your address book always safe with our Automatic Backups

Delete a contact by mistake? Lost your mobile phone? Kylook automatically backup your contacts so you never have to loose a contact again. Any deleted contact can be restored and synced to all your devices.

Secure Address Book kylook

And we have a backup of the backup

We know how important the personal data in an address book can be, so all our data is stored in two redundant servers which are geographically separated from each other for your security.

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Kylook Security

Data security is extremely important to us which is why Kylook automatically encrypts all data during any transmissions online and between devices.

With Kylook your data is safe and secure at all times.

Kylook & my privacy See our Privacy Policy