Kcode - an exclusive access code to your Business Card.

The contact details we give out to friends can be different to those we give out to colleagues and businesses. This is where Kylook's Kcode's come in.

A Kcode is a unique personal identification code to an exclusive set of data.


You can set up private kcodes (only those you authorize can see your contact details) or public kcodes (where your contact details can be made public).


Why would I need a Kcode?

Kcodes facilitate the sharing of contact details. Instead of having to recite an email address or telephone number you can just give friends and family your personalized kcode and they can have access to your contact details all in one place.

Those with Kylook address books, can automatically add your contact details into their address book - and any updates you make (change of telephone number etc) will be automatically updated in their address books.

There's no limit to the number of Kcodes you can have. For each Kcode you specify which details you'd like to show and share with your friends, colleagues, family etc.

How would I use my Kcode?

Everything is much simpler and efficient with a Kcode. Furthermore with Kylook you can convert your contact details into QR Codes making the sharing of contact details even easier. Learn more about QR Codes here >>

Are Kcodes free too?

Register with Kylook today and get your first Kcode for free. (Kcode created at random e.g. TW88R) or for only 2€ you can personalize your Kcode so it's meaningful to you e.g. ANNA.

Kcode – the most efficient way to share data to stay connected.