Your Kcode as a Digital Business Card: your e-Business Card!

Your Kcode is much more than just your Kylook user name, is an exclusive access code to your own contact data, your e-Business Card.

Your Kcode site (e-Business Card) is visible in the Internet and always up to date. For each of your Kcodes, Kylook has a page exclusively for you available.

With the example of ANA and their Kcode ANAWORK, you can see Ana’s e-Business Card at following link:

e-Business Card:

You can change the data shown at any time in your Kylook profile; your digital e-Business Card is always up to date!


Add a personal touch to your e-Business Card!

You can customize any of your e-Business Card, it is very easy, see more here!


The use possibilities are manifold

For example, inserting your e-Business Card in:

° your eMail Signatures (in Gmail, Yahoo! and your Smartphone Android or iPhone/iPad), it is very easy, see for more information the FAQ here


° WORD-Documents, PowerPoint-Presentations, PDF, etc.


° Your paper Business Card, with your generated QR Code.

See here how


° Your Smartphone, with the Kylook-APP, you show your QR Code and other people can scan your contact details.


° Kcodes facilitate the sharing of contact details. Instead of having to recite an email address or telephone number you can just give friends and family your personalized Kcode (e-Business Card) and they only need to type the link in their browser and they will immediately have your contact details.


Your friends or Business partners can access your contact data using the Kylook “Contact Search” (see the magnifier Icon).


Your e-Business Card for FREE

When you register with Kylook your get first Kcode for free (random generated e.g. T8W8R). This way you can start using your digital e-Business Card (for FREE). Just define which data you would like to show in your digital e-Business Card.

See this Video Tutorial

See this short explanation in our FAQs


Personalized e-Business Cards

With just one Kylook-account you can get as many digital e-Business Cards (Kcodes) as you need. For each Kcode you specify which details you’d like to show and share with your friends, colleagues, family etc.

Click here and see how to get additional Business Cards


You can see your current digital business card using following link. Just add your Kcode at the link end:


Using the KcodeANAWORK” the link will look like that:

You will see the contact data that Ana defined as public.


Remark: you can use any of your Kcodes to log in to your Kylook Address Book!!!


For any question do not hesitate to contact us:


This could be also interesting for you!

We strongly recommend getting your Kcode customized. It is much easier to remember, and easier to pass along to coworkers, friends, and/or family! Each Kcode is an automatic link to open an e-Business Card. As above in the example of ANAWORK!



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