Yahoo sync – To be considered

When synchronizing with Yahoo, please consider following:

* Yahoo limit:  500 contacts

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* Yahoo don’t accept contact photos

Kylook sync with Yahoo only the contact data. Kylook keep the contact photo if you modify any contact data in your Yahoo account.

* Kylook-Contact with only a Photo

That is not an issue for Kylook, but because Yahoo don’t accept photos, Yahoo will take that as an empty contact and will send back an error message that will interrupt the sync. For that reason, Kylook don’t send (sync) contacts with only a photo to Yahoo, the contact-entry has to have at least a contact name.

For that reason, if you have contacts with only a photo, you will see less contacts in your Yahoo account.
We recommend to input a name to these contacts.

* Contacts without names

Yahoo don’t accept contacts-entries with just one data (email, tel., .) and no names

In such a case, Kylook will send (sync) the contact data adding a “????” as first name. In this way you will be able to see these contacts in your Yahoo account.

We recommend to input a name to these contacts.

* Yahoo issue with `&`and ‘ 

Yahoo have a critical issue with some characters.

If you open your Yahoo Address book and write (e.g.) that in a note:

” Kylooks usuers are great & happy”

and save;

Yahoo will save and display that:

“Kylook&#39;s usuers are great &amp; happy”


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