Yahoo: how to change the email signature?

How to setup email signatures for outgoing email messages from Yahoo?

It’s a quick & easy process, and will make your email messages appear more personal/professional.


Just follow these steps:

>> Log In into Yahoo



1. Click on the gear icon “settings” and select “Mail Options”

2. Click on Tab “Option

3. Click on “Signature

4. Select to show a signature. You may select “plain text” or “with graphic”. Is recommended to use just plain text (without graphic), then some people will not see these graphics coming with your email.

5. Write your personalized email signature. Use your Kcode to pass your contact data >> See more below!

6. And click on “Save” button. READY !!

Next time you write an email you will see the “signature” like that:


Your Business Card as signature

Use your e-Business Card (Kcode) on your email signature: A modern and effective way.

Just add your Business Card link at the end of this url (link): “

In the example the Kcode ANAWORK will be placed like that:

The people who get your email and tap on your Kcode link will be able to access your current (public) data. If you change the information, the site will be updated in less than 3 seconds!

The image shows an example for Ana Kylook. That is how the data assigned to the Kcode ANAWORK will be shown in internet.


The great thing is that you don’t need to update your email signature if any of your contact data changes, furthermore the people who got your email before the change, will see the new contact data with just a click on your Kcode!


¿How to update your Business Card data?

>> How to do that? click here <<



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