Will Kylook remain free of charge?

All the Basic functionalities of Kylook which are free now, will remain free in the future.
Our current free mobile app for smartphones will also remain free in the future. However any new developments and/ or functionalities may bear a small accessible charge.

You can use Kylook completely free of chargeread more here


The major advantage from Kylook is related to the Kcode and the unique way to share your contact data with your peers (you decide with whom and what to share).

With Kylook you have the chance to get a Personalized Kcode (e.g.. ‘Anna’). You can get a personalized Kcode from just 2€ (2,69€ APP Store). This is a one off cost.
More about personalized Kcodes here

Our recommendation: get your personalized one before somebody else does. In the near future Kylook will increase the price for some high value Kcodes like “DAVID” (maybe already gone). more here


Hope this answer your question, but don’t hesitate to ask in case questions or doubt.



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