Why do I need an e-Business Card?

With the rise of social media and email, it becomes increasingly difficult to include all the necessary data in a paper Business Card which only contains a few square centimeters.

…And to top it all off, if you just change your mobile number, you move or change your job position, your paper business card is obsolete!


Business Cards go Digital!

The advantages are obvious:

° A modern and efficient form to share your Contact Data without errors!

° Your contact Details will be always current!

° You can use or generate a QR-Code.

° You can include your link with your information on your paper Business Card.

° Use it as a signature in your emails.

° Much more economic than the paper version, and when data changes, it is not necessary to throw away your Business Cards because they are obsolete!

° Save paper and protect the environment!


You may use your e-Business Card in:

° the Signature of your emails (Gmail, Yahoo, Android y iPhone, etc.). It is very easy, clic here to see how you can do it:


° WORD documents, PowerPoint Presentations, PDF, EXCEL, etc.…


° Your paper Business Cards and in the QR-Code. This video explain how to do: Click here


° Your Smartphone, using the Kylook-APP, you can display your QR-Code and your peers can scan it and obtain your contact data.


° You can also exchange the name (Kcode) of your e-Business Card while a conversation, so your peers only need to introduce the link in their browser and they will immediately have your contact details.

Or, on the Kylook-Site using the field “Search person by Kcode”.


Your first e-Business Card is for FREE!

When you registered at Kylook you received your first Kcode (radom), so you have your first e-Business Card for FREE, you only have to configure it. This updates your contact information and defines what you want to display.

To see your current e-Business Card, simply add your Kcode at the end of this URL: www.kylook/k/

An example for the Kcode is “ANAWORK”, if you put this URL
in your browser you will see Ana’s e-Business Card with her public contact data!


Add a personal touch to your e-Business Card!

It is very easy! Click here to see how you can customize your e-Business Card!


For any question do not hesitate to contact us: support@kylook.com


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