What is SSL?

Kylook encrypt the user data and address book using 2048 bits SSL.  The data transfer during the address book Sync is encrypted and secure.

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a security protocol. In today’s Internet focused world, SSL is typically used when a web browser needs to securely connect to a web server over the inherently insecure Internet.

HTTP is insecure and is subject to eavesdropping attacks which, if critical information is transmitted and picked up, can let attackers gain access to online accounts and sensitive information.

As opposed to unsecured HTTP URLs which begin with “http://”, secure HTTPS URLs begin with https://.

When you login to Kylook you will be in a secure environment >> https://my.kylook.com/mycontacts.The data transfer during the address book Sync is also encrypted and secure.


Why does Kylook encrypt my data?

* The data being transmitted over the Internet needs confidentiality. In other words, people do not want their personal information to be exposed over the Internet.

* The data needs to remain integral, which means that once data have been sent, a hacker sitting in the middle cannot change or see your private information.

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Protect your privacy – Smartphone & Tablet

Warning: almost every APP on your device CAN read the “standard” Android contact list.

For important contacts, those you want to protect from thefts, we recommend you not to sync these contacts with the standard Device Address Book.

Your contact list will be safer if you keep these only in your Kylook APP.

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Share Contact Groups with others & Set Permissions

Select the groups of contacts you would like to share with other Kylook users. It’s an efficient way to share selected contacts with your family, friends and colleagues.

Define the permission access and keep control of your contacts. For each group, you can define who can edit, synchronize and share.

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For any question do not hesitate to contact us: support@kylook.com


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