What does Kylook do with my data?

Your privacy is extremely important for us which is why we comply with all the strict German data protection laws. Your data belongs 100% to you. We do not pass on, sell or rent to third party companies.

For further details please see our Privacy Policy


Your Data is encrypted and secure.

When you login to Kylook you will be in a secure environment >> https://my.kylook.com/mycontacts.The data transfer during the address book Sync is also encrypted and secure.

Why does Kylook encrypt my data?

* The data being transmitted over the Internet needs confidentiality. In other words, people do not want their personal information to be exposed over the Internet.

* The data needs to remain integral, which means that once data have been sent, a hacker sitting in the middle cannot change or see your private information.


Click here to check the Kylook web site “web safe” level



For any question don’t hesitate to contact us: support@kylook.com


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