Video Tutorial, Kylook-Web: My Kylook & Main Menu

Here you will find an overview and demo of major features of the Kylook Webpage!

With: My Contacts, Global Search, QR Code, Sync. with, Download, How to use, First Steps, Profile, Kcode, etc. 

Kylook is the online address book that allows you to manage your contacts anywhere online with your PC, Tablet or Mobile phone.

Synchronize with:
* Smartphones: Android, iPhone
* PC: Outlook
* Email accounts as Gmail, Yahoo, etc…

…And have your contacts up-to-date everywhere you are!

Kylook offers free tools for generation and recognition of QR codes, including the electronic reading of business cards or distribution of your own contact details.

Either use our Kylook-Web version to manage your contacts or download our FREE Kylook-APP for your smartphone!

See the Kylook APP video tutorial here

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Download the APP here      


For any question do not hesitate to contact us:


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Kylook, your Online Address Book!
Simplify your Life!!!