Sync your Yahoo address book with …

You can Sync your Yahoo Address book with:


* Other Yahoo accounts

See video tutorial here

* Gmail accounts

See video tutorial here

* Outlook 2007 / 2010 & 2013

See video tutorial here

* Android Smartphones & tablets

See video tutorial here

* Apple / iOS devices like iPhones & iPads

See video tutorial here


…or just with a combination of the above mentioned devices and accounts. You can sync as many accounts and devices as needed.


Kylook offer you much more


* Select the groups (contact lists) to be synced with each Gmail / Google Apps and Yahoo account. see more here


* Address book backup

Kylook automatically backup your contacts so you don’t lose a contact again. See more here

.Backup & cloud

We know how important the personal data in an address book can be, so all your data is stored in two redundant servers which are geographically separated from each other for your security.



* Restore deleted contacts

Restore contacts
Delete a contact by mistake? Any deleted contact can be restored and synced to all your devices.

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>> Gmail & Yahoo Automatic sync– even when you are not using Kylook Web!

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