Share Contact Groups with others & Set Permissions

ShareGroup-Icon1Select the groups of contacts you would like to share with other Kylook users. It’s an efficient way to share selected contacts with your family, friends and colleagues.

Define the permission access and keep control of your contacts. For each group, you can define who can edit and synchronize.


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To be considered

Sharing group of contacts works only between Kylook users.

You can share groups of contacts with Kylook users which are already included in your address book with their Kcode.

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Follow these steps to share groups of contacts


Web share Group_1.

1. Using your web browser, log in to your Kylook Web Address Book and click on the tab “My contacts“/”Address Book

2. Select the group you would like to sync

*Hint: Click here to see how to Add Contacts to Groups

3. Click on the Groups share icon


You will see the list of Kylook members you may have in your address book.


Web share Group_2

1. You can use the search feature to filter the list of contacts (ex. by company or name)

2. Click on the “Add” button for the persons you want to share the selected group with.

3. Define access rights (permissions) for the added persons


In the next explanation, we will use “Mike as the person you would share a group with.
You can define the following permissions for each group and person:


Can Edit: Both you and Mike can edit (modify) and delete all contacts included in the group. Changes will be propagated (updated) in both directions; meaning, all changes Mike makes will be updated in your address book and all of your changes will be updated in Mike’s address book.

Only read: Mike can only read the contact data, but is not allowed to make any changes like defining new groups assignments. Only you can modify the contacts including in the group and Mike will receive the changes automatically.


Can Sync: Mike can sync the group contacts with his devices and accounts (except for Yahoo!).

Can’t sync: Mike CANNOT sync the group neither with his devices (Smartphones, tablets, PC) nor with his accounts (Gmail, Yahoo!)

4. Send the invitation to Mike to share the select group.


Mike gets the invitation

Mike can accept (2) or reject (3) the invitation to share the group with you.

If he accepts, the group and the contacts included in the group will be displayed in Mike’s address book.

Share Group - get invitation.

Check the invitation status

1. Select the group you would like to share

2. Click on the “share” icon

Web share Group_3

You can check if Mike accepted the invitation or not.

3. You will see the “Waiting” for answer tab in case you have sent invitations and at least one person still hasn’t accepted or rejected the invitation.

In this example, you are still waiting for Mike accepting the invitation to share the group.

4. You can change the permissions anytime.

5. You can cancel (undo) the invitation anytime.


Persons you are already sharing the group with

Web share Group_4

1. By clicking on the group icon “shared with”, you will see the list of persons you are sharing the group with.

You can at any time add or remove persons to share the group with. You can also change the permissions.

2. To change the permissions, just click on the permission icons

3. Or stop (cancel) to share the group with any person


What will happen if you stop to sync the group with Mike?

In case Mike had a “Read only” permission: the group (including the assigned contacts) will be deleted from Mike’s address book.

In case Mike had an “Edit” permission: Mike will keep the contacts and he can decide to delete or not the contacts. From this moment on, both you and Mike are not sharing the group, this means: Mike won’t get your changes and you won’t get Mike’s changes.



Yahoo!: the persons (e.g. Mike) you share groups with, will not be able to sync the group with Yahoo! accounts. Reason: the way Yahoo! manage to merge duplicates, contacts will generate critical problems. This issue is only with Yahoo!, syncing with Gmail will be ok.

iPhone, iPad: the persons (e.g. Mike) you share groups with, will need the Kylook APP version 1.04. or newer if they wish to sync the group with these devices. But that is not an issue; they need only to update the Kylook APP.


Upgrade required – Only for the user who invite

Share groups with others” is included in the Pay Plans: „STANDARD“ & „PLUS

Upgrade and take advantage of all the benefits

Upgrade only required for the user who send the invitation!


How to easily add many people in your address book

Kylook provides a great way to almost automatically add other Kylook users in to your address book.

Add multi contacts with Kcode>> Click here and see how to do that <<



Contact Change History & Restore Version

Visual change HistoryWith Kylook, you can have an overview of Contact Change Histories and restore any past version!

It is very easy, see here how to do that



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