Print mailing labels with my own address data

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You can print postal / mailing Labels with your own address data; e.g. as label for your mail or shipment return.



Save time, no need to write your address data on each label, do it just ones

• Avoid mistakes; just select your “right” address

• You also have the ability to select the data you would like to print and define the print order, using the “Drag & Drop” feature.

• You can select forms with standard label sizes (for example from the companies Avery, Zweckform, Hama, etc.) or create your own design (customized).


Follow these steps

1. Log in to your Kylook Web Address Book and visit the tab “My Contacts

Print_my address Labels_1

Print_my address Labels_1.

2. Click on “Mailing Labels


3. You will get a Message asking you to select what you would like to print.

Print_my address Labels_2

Click on the button “My own address

You will see an overview with the most important information.


Print_my address Labels_3.

4. You have two options:

* Print Labels with the selected Contact addresses
. Click here for more information about this feature

* Print Labels with your own address data << choose this option

5. You will see all addresses you added to your Kylook profile and to your digital business card(s).

Select the address you would like to print.

Click on the edit icon (pen) if you would like to modify an existing address or just add a new one.

6. At the bottom of this site, you will see a label preview.


Labels Section

7. On the section “Labels” you will see the most important parameters for page and labels.

Click on the Edit icon to open the “Labels” site.


On this site (7.1 ) you can:

7.2 Select a standard format or customized if you would like to design your own Label forms.

Define the position at which the first label will be printed.

The Labels positions will be define like this:

Print_ContactLabels_page example

This feature is useful if, for example, you already have some printed label on the first page.

In the image above, you can see an example showing a page with 3 already printed labels (1,2,3), so you can define to start the label print on the 4th position.

You can also define the dimensions unit (millimeter or inches) and select to print the label borders.


If you selected a customized format you can set the following options:

7.3 The page size and orientation (Horizontal & Vertical)

7.4 The number of labels per line (Horizontal & Vertical)

7.5 The Label Size

7.6 Separation (Horizontal & Vertical) between labels

7.6 The left and top margin from which the labels will be printed


Section “Text and Font”

8. On the section “Text and font” you will see the most important text format parameters

Click on the Edit icon for open the Site where you can define the text format.


At this site (8.1) you can:

8.2 Define the Font, Text size and spacing between text lines

8.3 Define the text spacing (margin) to the label border.


Section Label Data

9. At the section “Address Data to Print” you can select the address data you would like to print on the label, the position and order for each of the selected data

Click on the Edit icon..


At this site (9.1) “Label Data” :

9.2 On “Available items” you can select and move the data you would like to print on the labels. You can do that with “Drag & Drop” (9.3)

9.3 On “Define order & position” you can define the order and position of the selected data. You can do that with “Drag & Drop“. You can also move the data between different lines!


10. Define how many labels, with the selected address, you would like to print

Print_my address Labels_3.

11. Click on the “Create PDF” button to generate a PDF with the address Labels.

12. Depending on the browser, you will get a new site with the generated PDF or the option to download their PDF file.

Important: It is necessary that your browser supports the “PDF” functionality

13. Depending on your browser you will see a command bar with buttons, including the print button.



Share Contact Groups with others & Set Permissions

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Define the permission access and keep control of your contacts. For each group, you can define who can edit, synchronize and share.

>> How to do that? Click here <<



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