Android: Not all contacts or data has been synced

This article apply only to Android devices

The Kylook APP sync these contacts from your smartphone / tablet:

* local (phone) address book

* Gmail -accounts syncing with the device

* Yahoo -accounts syncing with the device

* WhatsApp – accounts syncing with the device

For WhatsApp Kylook will update just the contact name. Read more here


Kylook import the SIM card and the WhatsApp contacts during the first sync (after the login). Reason: the SIM card is to slow and not all users would like to have a sync with FaceBook.


Not all contacts has been synced

The problem, quite likely, is caused by having contacts distributed between different accounts on the device which are not supported by Kylook.

The “original” address book App in many Android smartphones shows the sum of the address book you have in different accounts (eg Gmail1 and Gmail2) and on the phone.

On the image you can see one example to make that clear.

The standard Address book APP shows the sum of 4 address books with 4 contacts.
On Kylook you will see the contacts Anton, John and Anna.


Not all data of some contacts are synced

It may be that for the same contact, the data is distributed in the different device accounts.

For example:

* the Gmail1- account has a contact “John” with a phone number
* Another (not supported) account have also the same contact “John” with only an email-address.

This means that, in this example, in Kylook you would see “John” with only the phone number.


To see if this is the source of the problem:
– Open the original address book in your device (e.g. smartphone)

– Take one of the contacts which is not shown in Kylook with all data
– In the menu, click on “Edit” and see if this contact is associated to many accounts, if so then see if the missing data are stored in other accounts.


The current solution

At this moment we see these 2 ways to solve the problem:

1. Copy all contacts from your phone address book in a file (see here how) and import that into your Kylook address book (see here how).

Kylook will than take care of cleaning contacts and data duplications

2. Disable (deactivate) the Yahoo, Outlook and LinkedIn address book sync on your device (smartphone) and add these accounts to your Kylook address book >> See this short video.

Kylook will than take care of cleaning contacts and data duplications



1 Manage your contacts on one master address book and sync that with all other address books.
See this article:

2 Avoid building loops within your address book synchronization
See this article:


Protect your Privacy

Almost every APP on your device CAN read the “Standard” Android Contact List.

Protect your privacy

For important contacts, those you want to protect from thefts, we recommend you not to sync these contacts with the Standard Device Address Book. Your contact list will be safer if you keep these only in your Kylook APP!

How to do that? Click here


Download the APP here


For any question do not hesitate to contact us:


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