My e-Business Card – Data & Privacy


Now you can define your DATA and PRIVACY on each of your e-Business Cards!

Using the Kylook APP?App Kylook for Android iPhone

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You can now select the data you would like to show in each of your e-Business Cards. Just follow these steps for edit the data and Privacy:


Begin by logging (LogIn) into your Kylook account in the WEB.

1. Open the menu “Profile / e-Business Cards

On this site you can see all your e-Business Cards. You received your first e-Business Card for free as you registered with Kylook.

Each of your Kcodes is like a key to unlock one e-Business Card. Simply add your Kcode at the end of this URL:


An example for the Kcode is ANAWORK click here:


2. Click on the button “Edit” (Pencil icon), on the e-Business Card you would like to edit.

3. Click on the “Settings” icon.

4. Click on “Business Card Data“.

Now you see the window where you can edit the data and define privacy in the selected e-Business Card.

5. In the tab labeled “Data“, you can edit all your business card information and also define the information you would like to display on the selected business card.
Important: You can use this data with all of your business cards. Also, in this dialog you can select which information will be visible in internet for the selected business card.

6. Enable the checkbox in order to select the data you would like to display on the e-Business Card. After that, you can select whether or not this data will be shown as “on request” (only for people you grant access to), or public (visible for everyone who accesses your e-Business Card).

7. Click on the icon “(+)” in order to add additional data.

8. You can select from a list of standard data descriptions, and can also define your own customized description.

9. By clicking on any data you will see a delete (-) icon located on the right side. Click on this icon in order to delete the data you don’t need and won’t use in any of your e-Business Cards. Warning: the data will be deleted from all your e-business cards. Also remember that you can use the checkbox in case you choose not to show the data on your e-business card!


Define your Privacy!

10. In the tab labeled “Privacy”, you can define how it will be shown in the selected data.

11. With the green open lock the information will be visible for everyone who accesses your e-Business card, and with the black close lock
the information will only be visible for the people you grant access to (per request).
You can make it so that for each piece of information, you will have full control of your privacy!

12. When choosing the „Save” tab, your changes will automatically go online.


Add a personal touch to your e-Business Card!
Kylook also allows you to customize:

B) Change the logo. >> Click here to see more

C) Define your own colors and images. >> Click here to see more


You can get as many e-Business Cards as you need and display in each different data, colors and images. >> Click here to see more


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