Menu – Customize my e-Business Card!

Add a personal touch to your e-Business Card!

In the settings menu you can customize your e-Business Card or get a new one:


* Business Card Data

Here you can define your DATA and PRIVACY on each of your e-Business Cards! You can select the data you would like to show in each of your e-Business Cards. Just follow these steps for edit your Data and Privacy: See more here


* Image & Color:

Here you can select your own images and colors and even choose your own logo for each e-Business Card!

A) Change the logo. >> Click here to see more

B), C), D), E) Define your own colors and images. >> Click here to see more


* See all

Here you will see a liste with all your e-Business Cards. You can select the e-Business Card you will customize.


* Get NEW Business Card

You can get as many e-Business Cards as you need and display in each different data, colors and images. >> Click here to see more


For any question do not hesitate to contact us:


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