Lost my Smartphone / Mobile / Tablet / Device

Lost your Smartphone / Tablet / Device?

Lost my Phone

It does not matter if you lost your device or it was stolen, It can be a very unpleasant and sometimes a very expensive experience.

Our devices contain a lot of our information and memories, some which are very important and irreplaceable.

In the long term, this information may be worth a lot more to you as it can end up costing you more than the initial loss.

In order to ensure your privacy is secure and your losses minimized, there are some steps you can take.


What should you do immediately you detect the loss or theft of your device?


1. Block your SIM-Card

Has your mobile been stolen? Or have you lost your mobile? In that case, you need to block your old SIM card.
Contact the customer service of your provider to have your mobile and SIM card blocked.
If, after blocking, you, nevertheless, find the lost card/device, usually you can reconnect it at a service center.

2. Report it to the Police

In order to do this, you will need to prove that you owned the mobile phone.

The police need a record of the IMEI number for your mobile phone that is so it can be recognized as your phone if it is handed in or recovered.

The IMEI/serial number on your phone is a number that is unique to your mobile phone. There are several ways to find the 15-digit IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity): IMEI Number

3. Delete your Address Book from the lost device
The process by which to delete all the contacts from your lost device will be explained here:

ANDROID: Clic here!

iPhone: Clic here!


4. Change all your password

In many of your applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or eBay, your passwords are stored on your device. Change your password immediately to prevent an outsider from utilizing your information!

You also need to change your email account password in order to prevent any unknown persons from sending messages in your name.

If your device was a iPhone you must also change the password for your iCloud account. As a user of an Android is very important to change your password in your Google accounts!


New Device?

Do not worry, your Address Book will not be lost! Install the Kylook APP on your new device and logIn with your Kcode and password.

Download the APP here


Deleted by mistake contacts?

Restore deleted contacts and add them to your Address Book.

>> click here <<



Protect your privacy – Smartphone & Tablet

Warning: almost every APP on your device CAN read the “standard” Android contact list.

For important contacts, those you want to protect from thefts, we recommend you not to sync these contacts with the standard Device Address Book.

Your contact list will be safer if you keep these only in your Kylook APP.

>> How to do that? Click here <<



For any question do not hesitate to contact us: support@kylook.com


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