How to migrate /sync / transfer your Soocial Address book to Kylook

What is Kylook?:

Kylook is an online address book that allows you to sync up to 5.000 contacts with multiple email accounts & devices for FREE. You can also select the contacts you would like to sync with each device and account.

Regarding your privacy: Kylook is 100% safe and secure. Your data belongs 100% you, We don’t pass, sell or rent your data to others.

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How can I migrate my contacts?

It’s easy. First you need to migrate your Soocial address book into one of these email accounts (Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook) or devices (iPhone or Android). And from there you can easily migrate it to Kylook.

>> From the iPhone or Android  Smartphone – (real Synchronization)

See video tutorial:

Download the APP (Free):

Important: In order to sync your mac with your iPhone you have to use icloud. There isn’t an app for MACs at the moment.


>> From Yahoo,  Gmail (Google Mail) – (real Synchronization)

See video tutorial:


>> From Outlook – (real Synchronization)

See here how:

>> Import – from CSV o Vcard files

 See video tutorial:

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Kylook, more than an online address book     >> Simplify your life!