How to get my personalized Kcode?

Get your personalized Kcode!

Your Kcode is much more than just your Kylook user name, is an exclusive and safety access code to your e-Business Card.

You can add to your Kylook account as many Kcodes (e-Business Cards) as you need:

* To easily remember (is better ANA1 than A1F3X)

* To share different e-Business Cards with different persons: business, private, club, sport, etc.

* Each Kcode can be used as your user name

* To use later (you can inactivate a Kcode)

* To resell the Kcode in a near future


Add Kcodes (e-Business Cards) to your Kylook account is easy!


Using the Kylook Web

Open your Internet browser and logIn ( to your Kylook account (you can use any of your Kcodes)


1. Open the menu “Profile / e-Business Cards

On this site you can see all your e-Business Cards. You received your first e-Business Card for free as you registered with Kylook.

2. Click on the button “Get a personalized Kcode / e-Business Card

A screen opens in which you can search, select and purchase your new personalized Kcode or e-Business Card.

Important: You only pay once, NO monthly fees.

3. Enter the name you want to search.

4. Click on the button, “Search“. You will see a list with the desired name (if available) and similar names. Remember you can buy multiple Kcodes and save them for later use.

5. Click on the icon “(+)” in order to add your selected Kcode to the shopping cart.

6. In the shopping cart you will see all your selected e-Business Cards (Kcodes).

7. Click on “Checkout” to begin the payment process.

Once the process is completed, don’t forget to select, for each Kcode (e-Business Card), the data you would like to share within your e-Business Card. Click here to see how!


From your Smartphone or tablet

Start the Kylook APP and follow these steps:

1. Open “My Data

2. Button “Edit

3. Button “Get a personalized Kcode

4. Enter the Kcode you would like to have

5. Tap on the “Buy” button and follow the payment process.

Once the process is completed, don’t forget to select, for each Kcode (e-Business Card), the data you would like to share. Click here to see how!



For any question do not hesitate to contact us:


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