How to do a massive data change?

Kylook is working on a new feature to allow you to do a massive data change, we will inform all Kylook users as soon as we are ready.

In case you can’t wait, we recommend you this workaround:

-Assume you would like to change a phone number for many contact entries-

1. LogIn to your Kylook web account

2. In the tab “My contacts”/”Address Book“, add a new group (you can delete it later)add group


3. In the search field “Search contact…” enter the phone number you would like to modify or delete.

search contact

Kylook will show you all contacts with this phone number.

4. Select (check box) all contacts with the phone number

5. Assign the contacts to the group you added before, like described in this link

6. Select the created group and select again all contacts (with the phone number you would like to modify) and export to a CSV file in Kylook format (with photo),
Like described in this link

7. Make a backup of the file (just in case)

8. Using a spread-sheet (like excel) open one of the files and modify the phone number as you want … Take care not to modify any column or column title, so that you can import that later!

9. Save the changes again back into a csv file, make sure you are using comma separated values

10. Now the most dangerous part: again back to the Kylook web, go into the group you added before and delete all contacts. See how many contacts you deleted

Remark: You have 2 backups; the Kylook web Backup (How to restore deleted contacts?    See Answer >>)  and your local csv back up file

Important: as an alternative you can add a new Kylook account (with a different email-address)  and do the next steps, before deleting the contacts from your master Kylook account.

11. Now import the csv file with your changes. Kylook will copy all contacts into the group you added before. Check if the contact quantity is the same, if not, please take in consideration that Kylook could delete some duplicates.

Ready now all changes should be there, if you want you can delete the group you added before (not the contacts just the group)


For any question do not hesitate to contact us:
We will happy to help you!



Share Contact Groups with others & Set Permissions

Select the groups of contacts you would like to share with other Kylook users. It’s an efficient way to share selected contacts with your family, friends and colleagues.

Define the permission access and keep control of your contacts. For each group, you can define who can edit, synchronize and share.

>> How to do that? Click here <<



Contact Change History & Restore Version

Visual change HistoryWith Kylook, you can have an overview of Contact Change Histories and restore any past version!

It is very easy, click here and see how to do that



Protect your privacy – Smartphone & Tablet

Warning: almost every APP on your device CAN read the “standard” Android contact list.

For important contacts, those you want to protect from thefts, we recommend you not to sync these contacts with the standard Device Address Book.

Your contact list will be safer if you keep these only in your Kylook APP.

>> How to do that? Click here <<


Get contact Address directly from a Map

You can also add a contact addres directly from a map, including the Geo (GPS) coordinates! It’s very easy!

>>Click here to see more<<


Download the APP here



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