How much does Kylook cost?

You can use Kylook completely free of charge.

Kylook offer a basic service for FREE -> Everyone should be able to take advantage of:
* a powerful address book sync & management tool and
* sharing their contact data using the Kcode advantages.

The target is to keep the basic functionality free of charge:

* One automatically generated Kcode / e-Business card

* Share your own address data with your peers

* Birthdays reminder

* Remove/Merging duplicate entries – DeDup

* Wrong-data detector

* QR code generator

* Compare contacts  (max. 3)

* Sync up to 2 email accounts (gmail, Google App, Yahoo) and Smartphones (iPhone, Android)

* Sync up to 600 contacts

* Group management

* Restore deleted contacts

This way you can use all the functions of Kylook for free and without any risk.

You can upgrade your account If you would like to sync more than 600 contacts and/or more than 2 devices and accounts. See here how to upgrade:

If you have more requirements, we offer you the following possibilities:

The major advantage from Kylook is related to the Kcode and the unique way to share your contact data with your peers (you decide with whom and what to share).

With Kylook you have the chance to get a Personalized Kcode (e.g.. ‘Anna’). You can get a personalized Kcode from just 2€ (2,69€ APP Store). This is a one off cost.
More about personalized Kcodes here

Our recommendation: get your personalized one before somebody else does. In the near future Kylook will increase the price for some high value Kcodes like ROBERT (maybe already gone). more here



Our target is to keep Kylook affordable for everyone. In the near future Kylook will offer additional features at a reasonable price, affordable for everyone.

For any request, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

That will allow us to keep providing you the powerful tool you really need.

Will Kylook sell your address data?

Don’t worry, your data belong 100% you and we don’t sell or rent your data.
Exactly this point is one of the most important unique points we have again the main competitors!
Apart of that, we can’t do that, due to the German law and our commitment in our terms and conditions. We are a “official” company with a real address.

Read more here


Hope this answer your question, but don’t hesitate to ask in case questions or doubt:


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Kylook, your Online Address Book!
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