Gmail: System Groups


Gmail System groups are a legacy of the old Gmail GUI (Graphical User Interface) and concept.

People using the old Gmail GUI ( ) may still see these Gmail System groups:

* Friends

* Family,  and

* Colleagues

You can’t delete or modify these system groups. Apart of that Gmail change the system groups names depending on the Gmail selected language (Gmail settings).



In the new Google Contacts GUI. i.e.
These 3 system groups are no longer there. Personally speaking: we grateful for getting rid of these non-deletable system groups.

The next image shows an example. There you see the same Gmail account but with different languages (Gmail setting). On the left you see the new GUI and on the right the old one.


How does Kylook handle these “special” groups?

In contrast to the other groups, Gmail don’t send the System-Groups names the user sees in the Gmail account. Gmail just send an Id (a number). For this reason and because Kylook don’t get the language you are using into Gmail, Kylook shows the Gmail System groups like that:

* „SG_Friends

*  „SG_Family

* „SG_Coworkers

The good new is that you can rename (strongly recommended) or delete these groups using Kylook.

How to rename the System groups?

You can’t do it if you are using Gmail, but you can if you are using Kylook. Go into your Kylook Address Book, look for the groups with the name (SG_…) and rename them.

How to delete a Gmail System group?

You can’t if you are using Gmail, but you can if you are using Kylook, Kylook will remove for you all contacts from the group (of course without deleting the contacts).

After that you won’t see these groups neither in Kylook nor in Gmail (if you are using the new Gmail GUI).



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