Gmail & Kylook: Why is the quantity in “My Contacts” different?

Important Remark:
Kylook syncs only the contacts and groups which are included in the GmailMy contacts” folder!

If you see different amounts of contacts between Gmail and Kylook, you may check if Gmail shows that in the way you expect.

Take this example of two Gmail accounts with exactly the same contacts.

On the right side (2) the correct quantity, but on the left side (1) is something not expected: The total quantity in “My contacts” is 263, but in the group “Em” 500.

Using the former (old) Gmail GUI you may see more information about the groups and contacts within the Gmail accounts.

Log in to your Gmail account and use this link to have a better overview of your Gmail contacts:

If Gmail don’t “want” to display that, try with this:
use HTML mode. To do so, go here and select Contacts:

Maybe you can see where the issue is coming from.

We hope that helps you to understand the situation!

Click here, if you would like to make sure that all your contacts are included in the Gmail “My contacts” folder


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