Gmail: how to add all contacts in to “My Contacts” folder

Kylook syncs only the contacts and groups which are included in the GmailMy contacts” folder!.  Click  here for more information.

Follow these steps, if you would like to make sure that all your contacts are included in the GmailMy contacts” folder:

1. Log in to your Gmail account and open your contacts

2. Select all your contacts (Gmail will select only the frst 250 contacts!)

3. Click on “Groups

4. Select “My contacts” folder

5. Click on “Apply

6. You will need to click on “Next page” if you have more than 250 contacts and repeat the steps starting agian from step (2). The reason: Gmail shows only 250 contacts and when you select “all”, you just select the first 250 contacts.


Once you are ready you can open your Kylook web address book and force the “sync“, Kylook should now sync the  “new” contacts


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