Discontinuing service on 15 Dec. 2021

Dear Kylook user,

Unfortunately we have to inform you that we will be discontinuing our service on 15 Dec. 2021.

After almost 10 years and about 250,000 users, we have not succeeded in attracting serious investors for the further development of our service; the running costs (servers, certifications …) can NOT be covered by the payment service to date.

… on top of that, the Covid-pandemic is making the situation worse.

Overall, less than 1% of our customers use the payment service. If you belong to this small circle, we thank you very much for your trust.

All customer data and address books will be irrevocably deleted on 16 Dec 2021.

Please make a backup of your address book.

You can use any of these options:

  • Transfer your contact to your Gmail account (Internet with your Browser)
    The video is a bit old, some points of the user interface have changed, but the basic function is the same.


Important when using the Kylook website

You may receive the following warning: “No secure connection” (because of missing HTTPS).

Reason for the warning: We have not paid for the renewal of the secure certificate.

You can accept the non-secure connection with Kylook and use the Kylook website as usual.



What happens to your data?

Don’t worry, your data (including the address book) will be completely and irrevocably deleted latest the 16 Dec. 2021 ► The deleted data cannot be restored.
your privacy is still extremely important to us.

What happens to the payment service?

If you have subscribed to Kylook:
Please cancel the regular payment in your PayPal account.
No further orders will be accepted.

What happens to your Kcode and business card?

We want to do everything we can to at least keep this service running; unfortunately we can’t guarantee that, the cost of the servers and protecting your data has to be covered too.


What could save Kylook?

A serious investor who shares our vision of offering a service without using the data of our customers for further commercial purposes, simply: to protect people’s privacy and data.

Approximately 250,000 people worldwide trust us; keeping this trust is important to us.

If you value our service and would like to help us develop the idea further, please contact us at the following email address:



Many thanks to everyone who has used Kylook over the years. It has been our pleasure to be there for you.

We are very sorry not to be able to give you better news at the moment.

Your Kylook Team Germany



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