Create a Mailing List from your Contact list

Select Contacts from your Address Book and create a cleanMailing List” you can use (e.g.) in your email client (the software you use to send your emails!).


Main advantages:

· Free of duplicated entries

· The “Mailing List” contains only valid emails. Kylook will check the email addresses are correct and valid. This way you Reduce the Risk of been wrongly classified as SPAM.

· Get an overview of none valid emails and correct them.

· For contacts with more than one valid email (e.g. work, home, etc.): you can select the emails you want to get in the “Mailing List

· You can add (paste) further email lists. Kylook will merge duplicated entries and will check the emails for you

· As a result: you will get a “Mailing Listfree of duplicated entries and containing only valid email addresses


Follow these steps

1. Log in to your Kylook Web Address Book

2. Select the contacts you would like to include in your “Mailing List”.


3. Click on “Mailing List

Kylook will merge duplicated emails (are 100% the same) and check these for you.

You will see the “Mailing List” in case the selection contains at least one valid email.

Remark: in case you don’t select any contact, a screen will displayed where you can select groups of contacts and / or add (paste) other mailing lists.


4. Format: you can select the way you would like to see the email list

5. Select the separator you want to use. You want to choose the one compatible to your email client.

6. Click on “Download” in case you would like to save the “Mailing List” in a text-file.

7. You can also just Copy the “Mailing Listin your clipboard and paste this in your email client.

8. Tab “Wrong email”: Here you will find email addresses with a syntax error or a domain without email inbox. You can correct these emails by clicking on the Pen Icon.


9. On the “Select” tab you will find contacts with more than one email address. Using the checkboxes you can select the emails you want to see in your “Mailing List”.


10. Click on the “Add” button if you would like to add further email addresses or contact groups to your Mailing List.


11. Add email addresses by writing direct in the field or by cut and paste e.g. from  any email client.


* as separator (the one between 2 email addresses) you need to use “,”, “;” or a new line.


* You can use one of these formats:


° first Last name <>

12. You can select contact groups. Valid email addresses, of contacts included in the selected groups, will be added to the “Mailing List


13. Click on “Confirm” to accept the changes.

You will return to the “Mailing List”, just follow the indications starting from point “4.




Share Contact Groups with others & Set Permissions

Select the groups of contacts you would like to share with other Kylook users. It’s an efficient way to share selected contacts with your family, friends and colleagues.

Define the permission access and keep control of your contacts. For each group, you can define who can edit, synchronize and share.

>> How to do that? Click here <<


For any question do not hesitate to contact us:


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