Company / Organization – How to add people to my address book?

Add multi contacts with Kcode

Do you have a company? Are member of an organization or have a large family?

Kylook provides a great way to almost automatically add other people’s e-Business Cards in your address book. Also, you can share your address book, or selected parts of it, with these people.

Adding a person to your address book is very easy, just follow these 3 steps:

1. Update your own data

Update your contact information (e-Business Card) so that others can add this data to their address books. This link explains how to edit your business card: click here


2. Send an eMail

To share your data with other people and take advantage of features Kylook it is necessary that they also are registered in Kylook.

Just send an email (including your Kcode) to your colleagues and ask them:

* To sign in to Kylook (it’s free!)

* Update their own contact data (e-Business Card). See this link: click here

If you belong to a company or organization, it is important to ask your colleagues  that add the Company / Organization name, so you can easily identify them in your address book.

* To add you to their address books using your Kcode, as shown in this link: click here 

You can use this standard text in your email, just update your Kcode  and the name of your company / organization:


Dear Family/Friends/Colleagues,

I would like to share my business card and my address book with you;

please follow these steps:

* Sign in to Kylook >>

* Add a “New Contactusing my Kcode [your Kcode here]. Follow the steps in this link:

The Kcode is the key to my digital Business Card!

That’s all, now you’re ready!

I will accept your request, after that you will get my additional Business card data.

The great thing is that we will keep each other updated! You will automatically get my Business Card updates and I yours. We can also share our address book or part.

This will save a lot of time and our address book will be consistently up-to-date!

Best regards”



3. Accepting Requests

Your will get the person’s request (to share the Business Cards) whether on the Kylook web or in the APP (Smartphone / Tablet).

Accept the requests and their business card data will be added into your address book. The great thing is that this data will be updated automatically when these people update their cards, saving you a lot of time!

Ready! You already have the data of the people in your address book; you can use the search feature e.g. to display only the people in your company, for this, type the company name in the search field.



Share Contact Groups with others & Set Permissions

Select the groups of contacts you would like to share with other Kylook users. It’s an efficient way to share selected contacts with your family, friends and colleagues.

Define the permission access and keep control of your contacts. For each group, you can define who can edit, synchronize and share.

It is easy, click here and see how to do that



For any question do not hesitate to contact us:


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