Android – How to check the free memory on my device.

This article applies only for Android devices.

You will need enough free memory on your device if you would like to synchronize your address book.

As reference: 100 contact entries will need about 180 KB RAM memory + the memory space required by the Kylook APP (~ 5 MB)

To verify the available space for storage, please follow these steps:

1. Open “Settings

2. “Storage” (memory)

3. “Applications” (amount of memory used by each application)

4. Here you see the available memory

5. Here you see the amount of memory occupied by Kylook (in this example for 400 contacts)

6. Here you see the amount of memory occupied by the native device address book APP!


Protect your Privacy

Almost every APP on your device CAN read the “Standard” Android Contact List.

Protect your privacy

For important contacts, those you want to protect from thefts, we recommend you not to sync these contacts with the Standard Device Address Book. Your contact list will be safer if you keep these only in your Kylook APP!

How to do that? Click here


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