Alternatives to the shutting down of Soocial, the personal contacts application

Soocial -the app that manages and synchronizes personal contacts- has announced it will shut down on July 31st of the current year. As explained in their blog, the decision was made because new services are being developed for Viadeo, the social network for professionals and companies which owns Soocial since 2011. Soocial has announced that by the end of this month, all services offered by the app will be deactivated and it will be no longer possible to synchronise data. However, the web will remain active for one more month so that users can access their information and make security copies. Any paying users will get refunds for their payments, and lifetime users will receive a sincere appreciation for their ongoing support from Soocial. The news took thousands of Soocial users by surprise, who turned to blogs, forums and social networks to find alternatives to the services provided by the app.

One of the most recommended options is Kylook, which provides free management of up to 5.000 contacts in mobile phones, tablets and PCs. With Kylook, users can migrate data from their address books easily and quickly thanks to its compatibility with different platforms. Kylook also guarantees users a permanent access to their information due to the automatic security copies that are saved -encrypted- in its servers. Kylook has published an easy guide to migrate, transfer and synchronize information from a Soocial account into a Kylook account, which you can read here.

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