>> Discontinuing service on 15 Dec. 2021

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>> Print Mailing Labels – from your Address Book

>> Create a Mailing List from your Contact list

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>> Gmail & Yahoo – Share Groups & Set Permissions

>> Share Contact Groups with others & Set Permissions

>> Contact Change History & Restore Version

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>> Lost my Smartphone / Mobile / Tablet / Device

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>> Why do I need an e-Business Card?

>> Menu – Customize my e-Business Card!

>> My e-Business Card – Images & Colors

>> My e-Business Card – How to get a new one!

>> My e-Business Card – How to customize?

>> My e-Business Card – Data & Privacy

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>> What about the Heartbleed Bug? Is Kylook affected?

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>> Gmail: System Groups

>> Gmail & Yahoo: How to select groups to be synchronized?

>> How to Add or Remove contacts to a group?

>> Android: How to change contacts name in WhatsApp?

>> I have selected contacts to be synced; can do it now only by groups?

>> Video Tutorial Kylook-APP for Smartphone & Tablets

>> App: eBusiness Card (Kcode) activate and Privacy

>> How do I delete my data from public or shared devices?

>> Android: 4.4.4 Kitkat sync issue

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>> Alternatives to the shutting down of Soocial, the personal contacts application

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>> Why do I have to pay 2,69€ for a personalized Kcode at the APP Store (Apple) instead of 2€?

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>> Gmail & Kylook: Why is the quantity in “My Contacts” different?

>> How to change/setup the email signature?

>> My address book updates automatically

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>> Can I get a Kcode and sell it in a near future?

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>> Synchronize Gmail with Gmail accounts

>> How to migrate /sync / transfer your Soocial Address book to Kylook

>> How often and when does Kylook sync with Gmail & Yahoo?

>> Browser cannot display the website properly – colors are wrong

>> Forgot password and / or Kcode…

>> Contacts photos

>> How to restore deleted contacts?

>> Automatic Adress book Backup – restore deleted contacts

>> How to share my e-Business card?

>> Add-In for Outlook 2007 & 2010 & 2012 & 2013 & 2016 & 2019 – Installation and use

>> Android: Not all contacts or data has been synced

>> What is a Kcode?

>> How much does a Kcode cost?

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>> How much does Kylook cost?

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>> How to remove / log-out a Device?

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>> Device lost connection / don’t sync…

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>> iPhone / iPad / iPod – How to check the free memory on my device.

>> Android – How to check the free memory on my device.

>> What are infinite (endless) loops?

>> Import / export contacts – Address book

>> Cleanup duplicate contacts – Dedup

>> Merge contacts – Dedup

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>> Outlook sync error: “No such interface supported (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004002)

>> How to delete / remove all contacts from iPhone, iPad, iPod

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>> How to do a massive data change?

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